3 Great Mobile E-commerce Trends To Watch For In 2018!

2017 was an exciting year for the Mobile E-commerce (m-commerce for short) industry, with quite a few significant landmarks:

  • Google announced its decision to start indexing mobile websites first, meaning the mobile versions of online web pages would be given priority over desktop sites in search rankings.
  • Mobile devices accounted for 60% of all internet usage, marking the first time in history that desktop computers and laptops had been overtaken.
  • The market worth of the m-commerce industry reached a staggering 300 billion dollars, and is expected to rise to more than half a trillion by 2019!

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Now, with 2018 officially here, it’s time we took a look at some of the trends that are going to be shaping the industry over the coming months.

Here are 3 m-commerce trends to watch out for in 2018, as predicted by professional Dubai ecommerce solutions providers:

1. Artificially Intelligent Chatbots

AI-led chatbots for mobile devices are officially here, and some of the biggest companies in the world (Starbucks, H&M, Nordstrom, etc.) have already started adopting the technology in their dedicated apps!

Modern chatbots offer consumers a pleasing, interactive experience that feels surprisingly personal and is incredibly quick.

Since these intelligent bots have direct access to all the company’s data regarding product catalogs and services, the response to customer queries is almost instant.

It’s a big upgrade from the old days of traditional chat boxes when users would have to wait for a human representative to be available before their queries could be answered!

2. Augmented Reality

In 2016, a consumer survey revealed that 40% of customers would be willing to spend more money on a product if it came with an AR experience.

Now, these customers finally have their wish!

Furniture manufacturers Houzz have been experimenting with a new AR app that lets users visualize how different pieces of furniture will look in their homes before they even buy anything, and we expect a lot more companies to shift over to this trend in the coming months.

AR technology has also been given a huge boost by the fact that Apple, industry leaders when it comes to innovation in smartphones, has included the technology in their new iPhone X.

3. More Responsive Designs

Responsive web design is hardly a new concept, but it hadn’t quite taken off last year in the way many were predicting.

Responsive design refers to the practice of optimizing all the content on a website in a way that it’s attractive to look at regardless of what device or screen size it’s being viewed on. This should include everything from full-wall projects to smaller mobile phones and even smartwatches!

Dubai ecommerce solutions providers are expecting this trend to finally enter the mainstream in the coming months, as Google’s mobile-first index starts changing the way business owners prioritize their website designs.

Hungry For Online Growth? What About These Ecommerce Trends?

To get hands on some serious earning while operating in highly promising markets of Dubai, one would need to be at the forefronts of all the online business related aspects. The trends in e-selling are perking up and have made it almost a win-win situation for those that are backed with smart, robust and professional ecommerce solutions service providers.

Price shopping not doubt would be a great idea, however if you believe that the service provider that you have met can make the difference real for you with a few bucks more then you must not compromise on the quality of the services that you are about to acquire. They all will be paying you back great time, latest and elite trends and applications that are relevant to your business nature will be injected by them and these trends won’t go unnoticed by major search engines like Google. You ultimately will enjoy fairly high volume of traffic inflow.

Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

Business process will make a robust makeshift toward the online world. It already has done a fair bit. Some businesses back in 2016 reported more business transactions online than their offline setup. But that was just the beginning. Trends were way too high in roaring markets like Dubai.

Things are destined to go aggressively online as far as the business activities are concerned. If you are among those that are operating in Dubai and are keen to make an impression online with the help of great ROIs one would need to look for smart ecommerce solutions Dubai based services that are elite and reliable in nature.

To make the most out of the business opportunities online, one would in addition need great traffic inflow. Following are some areas that shall not be overlooked by one, while operating online:

  • Implement smart digital payment plans.
  • Ensure faster delivery trends.
  • Artificial intelligence and big data will be the key, don’t miss out on them.
  • Introduce loyalty schemes.
  • Omni-Channels will rule.
  • Go mobile, go responsive.
  • Do not forget the idea of chat bots.