Top DIY Tips To Maintain Your Ecommerce Website

The industry of online businesses is growing rapidly across the world. According to the latest statistics, the retail sales through ecommerce website stand at USD 2,027,945m in 2019 presently while it is projected to increase approximately USD 2,854,203m through the year 2023. The growth in online buying and selling has opened innovative avenues of progress in business but also increased the competition.

Nevertheless, ecommerce portals are considered one of the handiest ways of shopping. It is the reason that business organizations are striving hard to get their digital footprints strong in the form of ecommerce websites. However, if you think that getting a website for online shopping is all done, you are wrong. The reason is that the website should be maintained regularly to retain customers for a long time.

Website maintenance is a process of keeping the websites up-to-date by checking for appropriate content, broken hyperlinks, loading speed optimization and many more such tasks and activities. You can do a few of the mentioned tasks by yourself. However, it is better to hire professional services to ensure comprehensive updates and error fixes for your ecommerce website.

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Are you running an ecommerce business? If yes, do you perform web maintenance activities regularly? Here, you are going to learn all about how to maintain your ecommerce website by doing it yourself.

Review website domain detail

Website domain names are registered for a fixed period. The first and foremost activity of website maintenance is to check for domain expiry and renewal.

Update website content

Content is the king, and so, you need to keep it fresh with updated products detail, reviews, blog posts. It will help you to engage more and more customers.

Fix broken web links

Error 404 pops up suddenly if the website contains broken links. You must ensure to fix all internal and external broken web page hyperlinks with fresh links to retain visitors.

Consider contact forms functionality

Ecommerce websites contain different forms such as registration, login, product claims, and other queries submission form. You should check if all forms are working perfectly well to avoid users’ frustration.

Take website backup regularly

Backup of your ecommerce website is a must to deal with uncertain incidents of data loss. Save a fresh copy of your site for data security purpose.

Assess website loading speed

The average desired website loading time is around 3 seconds. Find some tools over the internet to check the time of your website while loading to ensure optimal speed.

Examine website security

Ecommerce websites enable users to pay via credit cards. Make sure your website is secure enough to incorporate all customers. Test XSS, malware and SQL injections using security tools.

Tweak website front page

The same layouts can potentially bore customers. Add new elements to the landing pages for keeping your ecommerce website fresh and up-to-date.

Review contact information

Consider contact information provided on the website to keep it updated. Check for contact names, phone numbers and addresses are given without any mistake.

Review of SEO Strategy

Google keeps on updating search engine policies. You should keep your website updated following all regulations to meet optimal user requirements. Review your ecommerce SEO strategy frequently.

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Takes Away for ecommerce website maintenance

Website maintenance is a must for generating higher revenues through eCommerce. If you are unable to perform all the activities mentioned above, better to choose the best website maintenance services Dubai near you!


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Top Reasons Why Website Maintenance Plan Is Crucial For Companies

The website is referred to the fundamental element of corporate identity. It is because the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization and therefore, businesses can only thrive in the global market by having an active presence over the Internet.

For this, many business people focus on having a well-designed website. It’s a good initiative, but people fail to understand that it is essential to keep the sites properly maintain from every perspective. It entails refreshing the content, troubleshooting different programming errors and optimizing the website for leading search engines. All this process is known as website maintenance.

There is no denying the fact that keeping a website in compact design and elegantly maintained should be the prime responsibility of the organization. It is essential to engage more and more people by offering augmented user experience. The health of corporate website must be ensured to stay aligned with emerging technological changes through a comprehensive maintenance plan for the website.

Business organizations face severe competition especially in mega markets including UAE and other highly developed countries. It makes a compulsion on the part of companies to stay ahead in updated content and designs when it comes to websites.

Are you looking for appropriate services for maintaining your website effectively? You can find the best website maintenance services Dubai to update your business web portal. You must not ignore the value of highly qualified professionals for website management services such as troubleshooting, content updates, and SEO.

Remember! Your business depends on how you present your corporate persona to the people across the globe!

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The Right Fix – Website Maintenance Service

Don’t get caught in the middle of a supreme performance, you must not stop; you must continue and take the world of Dubai markets by surprise, with the help of a strong one presence. To achieve this land market you must ensure you that you have strong backup in the form a professional website maintenance Dubai based service provider, who is available 24/7.

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