Top DIY Tips To Maintain Your Ecommerce Website

The industry of online businesses is growing rapidly across the world. According to the latest statistics, the retail sales through ecommerce website stand at USD 2,027,945m in 2019 presently while it is projected to increase approximately USD 2,854,203m through the year 2023. The growth in online buying and selling has opened innovative avenues of progress in business but also increased the competition.

Nevertheless, ecommerce portals are considered one of the handiest ways of shopping. It is the reason that business organizations are striving hard to get their digital footprints strong in the form of ecommerce websites. However, if you think that getting a website for online shopping is all done, you are wrong. The reason is that the website should be maintained regularly to retain customers for a long time.

Website maintenance is a process of keeping the websites up-to-date by checking for appropriate content, broken hyperlinks, loading speed optimization and many more such tasks and activities. You can do a few of the mentioned tasks by yourself. However, it is better to hire professional services to ensure comprehensive updates and error fixes for your ecommerce website.

how to maintain website

Are you running an ecommerce business? If yes, do you perform web maintenance activities regularly? Here, you are going to learn all about how to maintain your ecommerce website by doing it yourself.

Review website domain detail

Website domain names are registered for a fixed period. The first and foremost activity of website maintenance is to check for domain expiry and renewal.

Update website content

Content is the king, and so, you need to keep it fresh with updated products detail, reviews, blog posts. It will help you to engage more and more customers.

Fix broken web links

Error 404 pops up suddenly if the website contains broken links. You must ensure to fix all internal and external broken web page hyperlinks with fresh links to retain visitors.

Consider contact forms functionality

Ecommerce websites contain different forms such as registration, login, product claims, and other queries submission form. You should check if all forms are working perfectly well to avoid users’ frustration.

Take website backup regularly

Backup of your ecommerce website is a must to deal with uncertain incidents of data loss. Save a fresh copy of your site for data security purpose.

Assess website loading speed

The average desired website loading time is around 3 seconds. Find some tools over the internet to check the time of your website while loading to ensure optimal speed.

Examine website security

Ecommerce websites enable users to pay via credit cards. Make sure your website is secure enough to incorporate all customers. Test XSS, malware and SQL injections using security tools.

Tweak website front page

The same layouts can potentially bore customers. Add new elements to the landing pages for keeping your ecommerce website fresh and up-to-date.

Review contact information

Consider contact information provided on the website to keep it updated. Check for contact names, phone numbers and addresses are given without any mistake.

Review of SEO Strategy

Google keeps on updating search engine policies. You should keep your website updated following all regulations to meet optimal user requirements. Review your ecommerce SEO strategy frequently.

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Takes Away for ecommerce website maintenance

Website maintenance is a must for generating higher revenues through eCommerce. If you are unable to perform all the activities mentioned above, better to choose the best website maintenance services Dubai near you!


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Handy Guide to Select the Right Images for Business Website

Over the years the contributing factors of the growth and development of the business have changed. People are more into online purchases as compared to visiting a shop and doing so. For this reason, they rely heavily on the pictures. There is a phrase that the pictures can be deceiving and if that happens for your business, then you will not only loose reputation but also a lot of customers.

Selecting the right images for website
choose the right images

Having a website is just not the only things which will gain you customers; instead, you need to give them the attraction to remain on your site. People will like your website when it has the pretty-looking design, functions well and easy to navigate.

Images are central if you want to convince the customers, but you just can’t get away by selecting any random image. If you cannot pick the right image for any reason, then take on the professional assistance from the website design company in Dubai to hit the right mark. This article is going to share tips on the selection of images for the websites.

A guide for choosing the right images for website:

Visual has been a powerful mean of communication, and one should be able to feel that with the choice of images that are on the site. The audience is going to ask for things which are picture perfect so giving them that because you don’t want to go to your competitors.

Following are some of the top tips to help you make the selection of images wise and right for your site:

Quality of the image:

When you are selecting the picture, then keep yourself on the stage of a visitor. If you see the same quality picture will you be able to like it or think positive about the company. When the answer is No then change that right away. A high-quality picture will have the high-resolution, perfect number of pixels and with great contrast.

Align with the brand:

Another essential thing which you need to consider is whether the selected image is exhibiting the brand and its motto. If your brand has the tagline of delicacy or elegant, then the image should complement that in the best possible way.

Result in impulsive buy:

The quality and the graphics of the images should be in a way that people cannot resist buying. The illustration should persuade the visitor that they feel like if they don’t get hands on it now, then they might never have it. The power of the image should catch the mind and attention of the people that they strengthen the brand identity and relation with the customers.

Concluding notes for right image selection!

If you want to have a successful business, then you want to have visual appeal for your website which can come with the right selection of images. When you are not sure of the process, then you can actually use some professional assistance from website designer so that the effectiveness of the website can be enhanced.

Happy Selection!

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The Historical Evolution of SEO

Although, many people consider it a new terminology but the history of SEO is incredibly extensive. Well, it’s a not new thing because the optimization of websites was started right after the increase in web pages over the internet. Excite, a popular search engine of that time was the first which introduced a smart way of scrutinizing websites. However, it is a well-established fact that the evolution of the internet has given rise to the need for search engine optimization.

Interestingly, the phenomenon of SEO grew out symptomatically along with gradual developments in the World Wide Web. You might understand the sophistication of present-day advancement in search engines as natural languages and voice search is getting pervasiveness. It has compelled the web owners to strive hard for ensuring increased visibility of their website for sustainable business success.

One other factor that can be analyzed from the historical background of SEO is that it is getting complex with every passing day. So, it is not easy to get through the process successfully without getting active assistance from SEO professionals. The main reason is that experts understand how to apply the learned lessons from history while considering the future happening in mind.

Summing up, the pioneers of SEO learned their skills from one another. Although, they might not be alive today, the doors of learning are never closed. You may go through historical development to predict the future but, consultation with SEO company Dubai will help you create your destiny.

History of SEO:

The Historical Evolution of SEO
History and Evolution of SEO

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future” – Theodore Roosevelt

Initially, search engine optimization (SEO) brought some light to the websites living in dark ages. However, seldom anyone has the idea that SEO will become crucial for web survival over the internet. Let’s consider the history of SEO to have a glimpse of the future:

Initial Signs of Existence: 1991 – 2002

  • Tim Berners-Lee launched the world’s first website in 1991
  • Search engine “Excite” modified the ways of website accessibility in 1993 based on keywords
  • Yahoo (1994) and Google (1997) started indexing web pages to sort out information

Marketing experts benefited from such improvements by keyword stuffing, spammed backlinks and black-hat tactics

The Early Life Days: 2003 – 2005

  • Google updated its indexing methods to discourage unethical optimization tactics in 2003
  • Hilltop” algorithm was introduced by Google to restrict META description stuffing in 2004
  • Google, Microsoft and Yahoo collective updates the attribute of “Nofollow” to combat outbound link spamming in 2005.

Search engines collectively promoted their maxim of “Don’t be evil” through rigorous updates and personalized search history.

The Middle SEO Ages: 2006 – 2009

  • Google introduced Universal Search by mixing news, videos and other
  • Search auto-complete facilities were adopted by eminent search engine Google in 2008
  • The advancement in keywords insights given rise to efficient tools including Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keyword Planner in 2009

This user-focused approach to SEO significantly helped in laying the start of the more personalized and captivating web.

The Phase of Enlightenment: 2010 – 2012

  • “Google suggest” was made the primary component of the search engine in 2010
  • Google imposed strict rules on content quality and keywords usage through Panda Update in 2011
  • The Google Knowledge Graph along with SERP to understand people, facts and places was introduced in 2012
  • Penguin update was launched by Google in 2012 to make SEO more refined process of ranking websites

It was a phase of massive revolutions in SEO as the content is given central importance as well as severe penalties introduced by Google on non-compliance.

The Age of Modernism: 2013 – Present

  • Google introduced “image search interface” for photographs optimization in 2013
  • Hummingbird was launched as the part of Google’s efforts to determine scrape-n-displace efforts in 2013
  • Mobile search, segmented content, link building authority, and long-tail keywords gained higher popularity during 2014 onwards

Presently, the world of the internet is on the crossroads of the struggle for optimal ranking. The SEO is not just limited to the higher listing, but the strong footprint is crucial for success. Websites are struggling between privacy and personalization.

The Life Ahead: Future SEO

  • After considering the past and present of the SEO, a few predictions can be made with authenticity including:
  • Niche-specific and user intent focused experiences will be the two primary requirements for a website to stand out over the internet
  • The internet world is to transforming rapidly towards instant gratification of user intended results with minimal efforts – now and ahead
  • Context-based user intent recognition is growing in smart gadgets which will increase personalization in content optimization

SEO is expected to be entirely integrated into all the assets where Google can reach – so, the future belongs to those who adopt the right techniques of website optimization.

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4 Easy Tips to Do Local SEO In 2019

There is no denying that every local business organizations aspire for augmented growth and therefore, global business should go local. Why? It’s because the objectives of both types of organizations are the same.

However, rapid digitalization has transformed the ways of targeting the business markets but locally and globally. It has become imperative not only to have a website but also the visibility of that corporate identity over the internet. This is all done with search engine optimization (SEO) because the responsibility of presenting results as per user intent is trusted on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other popular search engines.

Not only this, every business organization targets a specified audience based on business nature, needs and demands as well as demographic factors. It clearly indicates the need for specialized SEO techniques to get listed in local searches in order to grasp immediate consumers.

For instance, if you are selling your products or services to the people of UAE, UK or some other countries, it is better to let them know who you are and what items you are offering to fulfill their demands. The importance of localization has been increased over the years, and it is expected to get stronger in the coming years.

So, it’s a dire time to consider local SEO services companies in Dubai for better needs assessment, planning and implementation of the comprehensive strategy for search engine optimization. The earlier you realized the importance of being local – the more probability is for you to get noticed globally.

Remember! Your time to grow your business has already been started – Let’s go!
“SEO Services Near Me”

Tips on How to do local SEO
Tips to Do Local SEO

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Top Reasons Why Website Maintenance Plan Is Crucial For Companies

The website is referred to the fundamental element of corporate identity. It is because the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization and therefore, businesses can only thrive in the global market by having an active presence over the Internet.

For this, many business people focus on having a well-designed website. It’s a good initiative, but people fail to understand that it is essential to keep the sites properly maintain from every perspective. It entails refreshing the content, troubleshooting different programming errors and optimizing the website for leading search engines. All this process is known as website maintenance.

There is no denying the fact that keeping a website in compact design and elegantly maintained should be the prime responsibility of the organization. It is essential to engage more and more people by offering augmented user experience. The health of corporate website must be ensured to stay aligned with emerging technological changes through a comprehensive maintenance plan for the website.

Business organizations face severe competition especially in mega markets including UAE and other highly developed countries. It makes a compulsion on the part of companies to stay ahead in updated content and designs when it comes to websites.

Are you looking for appropriate services for maintaining your website effectively? You can find the best website maintenance services Dubai to update your business web portal. You must not ignore the value of highly qualified professionals for website management services such as troubleshooting, content updates, and SEO.

Remember! Your business depends on how you present your corporate persona to the people across the globe!

website maintenance plan in detail


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Off-The-Shelf vs Bespoke Web Application Which Is Best For Your Project?

Business owners want to see their brand grow and for this, they do everything possible. However, it is imperative to have a business website to survive in the modern-day marketplace. Why? It is because 3 billion people are using online resources for information.

Not only this, research by Kelsey reported that approximately 97% of people use the internet to explore products before actually purchasing them. Therefore, a website is a powerful tool for spreading brand awareness among the targeted audience.

Generally, the business people have limited knowledge of techniques, frameworks and methods used for designing and developing a website. In order to make a wise selection of appropriate web design strategy, they must know the difference between off-the-shelf and bespoke websites.

However, if you are looking for professionals to help you, get experience assistance from web application development company in Dubai. It’s because you have to be on-point when it comes to development.

Off-The-Shelf vs. Bespoke Web Application
Off-The-Shelf vs. Bespoke Web Application



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How Ecommerce Evolved?

Many people believe that e-commerce was originated in the early 1990s. However, the roots of ecommerce are linked with the advancement of the 1960s to all the way up to modern day innovations such as eBay and Amazon.

A cursory glance at the landmark events reveals that eCommerce has been remained progressively-rich in business advantages throughout the years. It is evident from the fact that business people have ripened myriad benefits from lucrative opportunities in the retail industry with eCommerce.

Presently, mobile-dependent eCommerce is growing rapidly and worth USD 400 billion till today. The global marketplace is rapidly progressing leading to augmented opportunities for the existing business people and entrepreneurs.

Many famous brands are dominating over the other companies in the global market just because of their online presence. So, don’t waste time wandering here and there when you can get premium eCommerce solutions providers to your business globally.

History and Evolution of Ecommerce
History and Evolution of Ecommerce

Many people believe that e-commerce was originated in the early 1990s. However, the roots of ecommerce are linked with the advancement of the 1960s to all the way up to modern day innovations such as eBay and Amazon.

A cursory glance at the landmark events reveals that eCommerce has been remained progressively-rich in business advantages throughout the years. It is evident from the fact that businesspeople have ripened myriad benefits from lucrative opportunities in the retail industry with eCommerce.

Presently, mobile-dependent eCommerce is growing rapidly and worth USD 400 billion till today. The global marketplace is rapidly progressing leading to augmented opportunities for the existing businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

Many famous brands are dominating over the other companies in the global market just because of their online presence. So, don’t waste time wandering here and there when you can get premium eCommerce solutions providers Dubai to your business globally.


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Why You Need To Have Your Business Website Immediately?

Are you running a business organization and not having a corporate website? Beware! You are losing plenty of business opportunities. It is because a website is the face of your business in this era of information.

How? Being the business owner, you must know that most of your potential customers are spending their days and nights over the Internet. The website can offer you the most useful way to reach your target audience.

Further, Websites can be accessed anywhere anytime to get information. Nevertheless, your potential customers can visit the website for first-hand information and support. It helps them to understand your products in detail and buy them. In this way, corporate websites become a reliable tool for marketing.

Additionally, in some markets, the survival is a distant dream without having a website. Take the example of UAE where most of the corporate processes are accomplished over the Internet. So, if you are looking for long-term sustainability, you must hire web design Dubai based professionals to make it possible for you!

The importance of website in business
Importance of Website


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How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy (Infographic)

SEO has become part and parcel of the modern day business success. It is owing to the reason that no business organization can thrive on the smooth waters without having the corporate identity on the Internet.

Nevertheless, SEO is a rigorous process of organizing and managing the content of the website to optimize it for the online visitors. The process is potentially helpful for the search engines to understand the purpose and intent of the content.

Base on the user search, the content is picked by the search engines and presented to the users over the Internet. Your SEO strategy is the method or pathway of getting your website in higher rankings.

It will not be wrong to say that if you want to hide a corpse, dig it on the second page of the Google. It is because seldom anyone tried to go beyond the first page of the search results.

Further, the importance of higher rankings in search engines has compelled the organizations to seek assistance from professional SEO services provider in Dubai to ensure ultimate success.

Effective SEO Strategy
Create Effective SEO Strategy


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